Preschool Bible Activities That Display God's Love

Preschool Bible activities are always in demand by Sunday School teachers, VBS leaders, and Christian teachers. On this page you will find planning information, suggestions and ideas for your home preschool, Sunday school classroom or Christian Preschool program planning.

Preschool Bible activities have come a long way from what you may remember as sitting still on cold chairs, being quiet and listening. Today’s world of knowledge about early childhood learning has improved our ability to bring knowledge of God’s love and his Word to very young children. 

Whether you are bringing God’s Word to your own children at home or in a more formal setting at church or in preschool there are some necessary prerequisites before the actual preschool Bible activity takes place. 

Teaching little ones about God’s love may seem overwhelming to you or perhaps it looks easy. However way you look at it, as with any preschool learning activity, preparation and planning are key ingredients for success. 

1.  Pray for HIS Guidance

This first one may seem obvious, yet in the fast paced world of teaching preschoolers, it is often forgotten. God has a special plan in his heart for each little one you will be learning with. Don’t you think it would be a good idea to ask him for direction? 

I’ve never been disappointed in the outcome of a Bible lesson or activity that I have prayed over. So…PRAY! The blessings are rich when we open ourselves to being used by God. You may be surprised at how you are blessed as well as the children when you ask God for his leading and direction! 

2.  Know Your Goals

The second ingredient for success in teaching preschool Bible activities is KNOW what you want accomplished. This may be in the form of an object lesson or it may be as simple as singing a song. Moving ahead with an idea of what you would like children to come away from the experience with, puts you one step closer to success. 

3.  Be Prepared

The third is to BE PREPARED. This includes reading the lesson or activity directions, having materials ready, and making changes to suit your audience if needed. There is nothing more frustrating than getting ready to sing and realizing that the CD in the player is from the adult class or your teenager’s! Preschoolers are not good at waiting for you to be ready! 

Additional Items Needed to Plan Your Preschool Bible Activities

In addition to these prerequisites, there are a few other necessary items to have when planning for preschool Bible activities.

Bible!:  Yes, it is a great idea to have a BIBLE in your teaching space.  The Bible, God’s Word, is holy! Children are capable of understanding how precious it is. 

This is by far my favorite preschool Bible.  I use it in Sunday school, Wee Worship (Kid's Church) and in our MOPPETS Program!  It has the stories that we tend to focus on in preschool with colorful pictures that attract children.  I have more preschooler's ask questions about the Bible story because of the pictures before I even begin reading it because of this Bible!

709628: The Beginner"s Bible: Timeless Children"s Stories The Beginner's Bible: Timeless Children's Stories
By Zondervan

Introduce children to the stories and characters of the Bible with this best-loved Bible storybook. Now updated with vibrant new art, text and stories, more than 90 favorite Bible stories come to life, making The Beginner's Bible the perfect starting point for children. They will enjoy the fun illustrations of Noah helping the elephant onto the ark, Jonah praying inside the fish, and more, as they discover The Beginner's Bible just like millions of children before. Recommended for ages 4-8.

A Special Place:  Having a special place to keep the family Bible or classroom Bible displays its importance and the reverence we have for it. In Bible times there were specific rules for handling the tablets and sacred scrolls, and they were kept in holy places. This is a tradition we would do well to continue today! 

In one particular church curriculum, Little Lambs, the Bible is wrapped in gold cloth and kept in a black box labeled God’s Holy Word. The process of opening the box and getting out the Bible is very exciting for Preschoolers. Children can be part of creating a special holding container for the Bible. I recommend using some type of gift box with a cover then decorating it with rich, lush, royal looking fabric. Add shiny gold or silver materials to decorate your Bible’s holding place. 

Each time you begin your preschool Bible activities, the children will know that God’s Word is the origin of the activity when you have the Bible to begin with. Read the passage that deals directly with the activity you have planned right from the Bible. Even if you are learning a song it is great to let the children see where in the Bible the song originated. 

Space:  Another necessary item to have is response SPACE, or a comfortable learning environment. This can include but not limited to…

  • Pillows and Bible book area 
  • Preschool table and chairs are nice for paper and play dough activities 
  • Pretend center 
  • Floor space created with a special rug or blanket

Preschool Bible Activities as a response to reading from the Bible and learing about God and His Word are important at this age.  This is worship for young children! Responses can take a variety of forms but here are some common ones. 

  • Play Character story response. These could be made from wood, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners or card board. 
  • Costume or Play Center story response. Have a dress up box, dolls, bowls, dishes, etc. - things that kids could use in pretending or acting out either the story actions or concepts like sharing or kindness. 
  • Play dough response. Children can create their own characters or props to respond to what they have learned. Keep a box of cookie cutters, rollers, rocks, twigs and other supplies to aid in their creative thought process.
  • Art or Craft Response.  A great way to follow up on what you read is to discuss the story while the children make a story related art or craft.

One last item needed.........FUN!

There is one more necessary ingredient children need during Preschool Bible activities:  FUN!  As children grow and learn of God's love, having fun with their peers while learning is how they learn best! If they come away with anything at all, make sure they correlate learning about the Bible and God’s Word as enjoyable and full of love while surrounded by others who love them!

Ready to Start Planning?

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