Preschool Bible Crafts

Ideas for preschool Bible crafts are always needed by Christian school teachers, Sunday school teachers, Vacation Bible School teachers, and also by parents!  No matter who you are, or why you are looking for Bible crafts, there are many adorable and inspiring craft ideas here at The Preschool Professor.

As with all craft activities with young children, you may need to do some of the preparation ahead of time – cutting out shapes, assembling some pieces, etc., depending on the ability level of the students.  Also, for safety reasons, please make sure to supervise young children that are using scissors (even safety scissors can cut), glue, and small pieces.

In all cases, allow your children to do or practice these skills!  Don't be stuck on the outcome "looking a certain way".  Yes, crafts are adorable, but honestly, it is about the PROCESS (the skills they develop while participating in the craft), not the PRODUCT (how it looks when it is done).

Ok, enough of the chit-chat! Let’s get going on those preschool Bible crafts and art activities!

General Preschool Bible Crafts

These preschool Bible crafts are sure to be a hit!

Praying Hands

  1. Trace child’s hand (fingers together) on a piece of black construction paper folded in half. 
  2. Cut out hands silhouette. 
  3. Glue black paper onto white paper, spacing the hands apart into a praying position so you can see both shapes. 
  4. Write child’s name and date underneath, and a scripture verse. (optional) 

Stained Glass

  1. Give child a coffee filter and washable markers. 
  2. Let them color the filter in whatever pattern they’d like. 
  3. Have the child spray the filter with a water bottle and watch the colors bleed together. 
  4. Glue the filter onto a piece of construction paper and cut out into desired shape – cross, heart, or some do this for Easter in an egg shape. You could also cover with contact paper to make it clear (more like stained glass). 

Helping Hands

  1. Have a pie plate filled with washable paint. 
  2. Dip child’s palms in plate. 
  3. Place their handprints on a piece of construction paper. 

God Made Me Special

  1. Have each child look in a mirror and tell the special features that they see.
  2. Give the children a piece of paper with a face outline and let them draw what they look like. An alternative is to give them materials to make the picture 3D, like buttons for eyes and yarn for hair. 
  3. You can either leave the portrait as is, or you can make a frame for it – out of construction paper, cardstock, or craft sticks. 
  4. On the top write “God Made ______ Special” – filling in the child’s name. 

Heaven’s Gates

  1. Give the children a picture of Jesus with his arms open wide to color - or let them draw what they think Jesus looks like.
  2. Glue the picture onto a piece of blue construction paper.
  3. Give them a template of a gate to color - usually a yellow or gold color.
  4. Glue faux pearls along the gate to decorate and glue the edges onto the construction paper, so that you can open the gates from the middle to see Jesus waiting in Heaven!

God Loves Me a Bunch!

  1. Give children a piece of paper and a purple inkpad. 
  2. Let them use the ink to make thumbprints all over the paper. 
  3. Use a green marker or crayon to draw a leaf and stem to your thumbprint “bunch” of grapes. 
  4. At the top of the page, write God Loves Me a Bunch! 

Holiday Preschool Bible Crafts

Some preschool Bible crafts work best during a certain holiday season.


  1. Color 4 tongue depressors (wooden sticks) brown.
  2. Glue tongue depressors on a piece of purple construction paper - 2 for roof, 2 for walls of stable.
  3. Cut 1 brown square, 2 pink or brown circles, and 2 triangles out of Fun Foam.
  4. Glue the brown square to the middle of the stable for the manger.
  5. Glue the triangles on both sides of the manger for Mary & Joseph's bodies.
  6. Glue the circles on top of the triangles for their heads.
  7. Glue a piece of crumpled tissue paper to the top of the manger for hay.
  8. Glue 2 pieces of fabric for head coverings for Mary & Joseph.


  1. Cut out hole in center of one paper plate.
  2. On back of that plate, paint (or color) the top blue for sky and the bottom green for grass.
  3. On another plate, draw an angel in the center with the words "He is Risen!" above him.
  4. Cut out a circle out of gray poster board larger than the hole you cut in the paper plate.
  5. Use a paper fastener to attach the gray circle to cover the hole in the paper plate.
  6. Glue the two paper plates together on the edges.

Now you have a cave that you can "roll away" the stone and see the angel proclaiming the good news that Jesus has risen!

Old Testament Preschool Bible Crafts

These preschool Bible crafts are based on Old Testament stories.

Creation Collage

  1. On a piece of black construction paper, use chalk to color sky, dirt, and grass.
  2. Glue on twigs for tree trunks, cotton balls for clouds, blue foil wrapping paper for water, and green netting for foliage.
  3. On the dirt area, spread on glue and then sprinkle with sand.
  4. Glue on animal pictures or crackers.
  5. If desired, spray picture with hair spray to set chalk.

Noah’s Rain Cloud

  1. Cut a cloud shape out of blue or white construction paper.
  2. Glue on strips of rainbow-colored crepe paper streamers to the back of the cloud.
  3. On the front, draw or glue on a sun picture.
  4. Punch two holes in the top and attach a piece of yarn so it can be hung.

Optional: You can make the cloud 3D by folding the cloud shape in half before cutting it and stuffing it with paper towels or tissues!

Daniel's Lion

(This craft is a great way to reuse those old puzzles that have lost pieces!)

  1. Create a lion on a piece of yellow poster board and draw a circle for it's face.
  2. On it's face, glue googly eyes and draw a nose, mouth, and whiskers.
  3. For the mane, glue on puzzle pieces (pieces can be painted brown and orange ahead of time if desired).
  4. Glue a small puzzle tip for the lion's tail fur.

New Testament Preschool Bible Crafts

New Testament stories inspire these preschool Bible crafts.

Jesus Walks on Water

  1. Color a picture of Jesus and glue a popsicle stick to the back of him.
  2. On a piece of blue construction paper, glue or color a picture of a sailboat.
  3. Cut a slit in the paper along the bottom.
  4. Glue 2 strips of blue foil wrapping paper for the water along the bottom, leaving the slit exposed.
  5. Stick the popsicle stick in the slit so that Jesus can walk along the water to the boat!

John 3:16

  1. Color a coffee filter with washable blue and green markers.
  2. Spray a few times with a water bottle.
  3. Let the colors bleed together and then let dry (it will look like the earth).
  4. While the filter is drying, color a picture of Jesus with his arms open wide.
  5. Glue picture of Jesus on black construction paper.
  6. Glue the filter on top of Jesus' arms.
  7. On the bottom, write the John 3:16 verse with white chalk or crayon.

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