Preschool Songs

There is something irresistible about preschool songs and kids music, isn’t there? As adults, we remember the fun and excitement of getting to sing our favorite children’s rhyme.  Now as parents and teachers, we can pass that musical enjoyment along to the kids in our lives.

Benefits of Music for Children

There are many reasons why we should teach preschool songs to our children.

  1. Music is fun and memorable! Hearing a favorite song from our own childhood will likely bring back many wonderful memories, so let’s help create fantastic memories for the children in our lives. 
  2. Kids get to practice their social skills while learning songs and fingerplays. If the song has parts (like The Farmer in the Dell), children must listen closely for their part and learn how to wait their turn. 
  3. There is a significant amount of research that music helps children learn pre-reading and math  skills. Taking part in music can impact a child’s learning, so why wouldn’t you want to give that gift    to them? 
  4. Music gives children a terrific opportunity to express themselves creatively. Whether they are making up motions to go with a song, banging on a drum to the beat of the music, or creating new   lyrics to a familiar tune, kids have the chance to show their individuality. 

General Preschool Songs

Now that you know why you should teach music to children, you might be wondering which ones they will enjoy the most.

There are several categories of songs that you may include in your home or classroom:

Just For Fun – These are the type of kid songs that are perfect for just playing around with words, music, and sounds.

Bible Songs - Sunday school, VBS, and Christian school teachers are always on the lookout for great childrens Bible songs. Teach children Bible verses or about their favorite Bible stories with these types of songs.

Fingerplays – Preschool fingerplays are a special kind of children’s music that, in addition to the song, also includes motions and/or actions. Kids love these because they get to be active while singing. 

Piggyback Songs – These are songs where a concept or information is matched to a familiar tune. Combining the two help children to remember and recall facts and information better.  You probably use Piggyback songs everyday!  Whenever you sing a song and you say "It is sung to the tune of.....", you're singing a Piggyback Song!   

Nursery Rhymes – Quite a few nursery rhymes have been put to music to make songs. Others are fun just to recite together. 

Theme songs – When teachers use themes to teach, they like to include a song that matches the current topic. Find your Preschool Theme from this site or from my sister sites Theme Page then visit that page to find matching songs. 

Lullabies - Children love to be soothed to sleep at night by a gentle lullaby sung by someone they love. 

Holiday, Special Day or Special Season Preschool Songs

Of course, when you are around preschoolers, you will certainly want to teach them songs that correlate to each holiday for example for Back To School, Easter, Graduation, Kwanzaa or Hannukah!  

Most holidays, special days or seasons have a variety of children's music that can be taught to preschoolers. And if there are no songs for a certain holiday you are searching for (What?! You mean there are no songs for National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day on January 3rd?!?), it's time to make up your own!

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