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We’ve all heard the stories – someone sends out their preschool teacher resume with spelling and punctuation errors all over it and then sits around wondering why they aren’t getting any calls for interviews!

While you may know the basics of writing a resume, maybe you haven’t heard of some of the small things that you can do on a resume to increase your chances of getting called.

Sometimes it helps just to see some samples of preschool teacher resumes to get your creative juices flowing.

Preschool Teacher Resume Tips

How to Build an Impressive Teacher Resume

By Jennie Kakkad

Teachers are considered to be mentors who guide us on our career goal and help us be a civilized individual. It is believed that both parents and teachers help us go through each and every motion of life. They help us boost our skills, enhance our knowledge, improve our social well-being, impart values and beliefs, and also help us gain self-esteem and self-confidence. They together help us improve our social, mental, and emotional well-being and make us complete. Parents are god's gift but teachers are a choice given to us. Henceforth, when it comes to selecting a teacher, every educational institute desires to have one of the best teachers to boost the academic and personal skills of every student. The best way to enter a good educational organization is to build an impressive teacher resume.

To build an impressive and expressive teacher resume, first build up an organized format of the resume. Think before you write about all the features related to a teacher's job. Frame all your skills, abilities, talents, and credentials in small sentences. Each and every sentence of your resume should be simple and explanative in an easy layout and an organized format.

Begin your teacher resume with your complete name, postal address, contact numbers, and e-mail address. Your personal details should be clear and easily noticed by the potential employer.

Then write your qualification summary that should cover your teaching skills, ways to tackle with students, how you deal with parents, classroom management skills, and ways you meet changing needs. You should also showcase your commitment and dedication to your work and your value proposition. Even better way to impress the potential employer is to show your positive approach towards the organization you are applying. Express why you want to join their institute and how will you benefit the same.

Then continue the resume with your relevant work experience in the teaching field. Under each job you have done in the past list the job tasks and all your teaching styles that you have used in each of the job position. The job tasks should include everything in just a few words. The employer should have a clear picture of how skillful you are and should realize how valuable you will prove to their organization. If in case you are a fresh candidate with a teaching degree then highlight your credentials and skills catering to the teaching field.

After the work experience, list your educational qualifications. Also list all the certificates and training courses done in the field. Ensure that you highlight all the teaching related courses and certificates. This will help you get better response from the employers. Underneath your educational listing mention all the awards and honors you have received to add more value to your resume.

Here you can end your resume but make sure you thoroughly check it twice or thrice and make your resume free from errors. There is no place for even a smallest error in a teacher's resume as a teacher is considered to be perfect in all ways.

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Preschool Teacher Interview Tips

Once your resume is how you want it, you also need to be prepared for the interview.  It you are looking for help with interview skills, I highly recommend this book from Candace  Alstad-Davies:

A+ Teachers Interview Edge

This book covers questions you should prepare for before an interview that you didn't even think about!

Candace is a certified resume and cover letter writing expert.  She is also a certified career and interview coach, so I know that she knows what she's talking about!  Continue reading to learn more about her!

Preschool Teacher Resume Sample

The following sample resume for a preschool teacher is from Candace's website:  A+ Resumes for - which is loaded with free information on resumes, cover letters, and more for teachers, administrators, and other faculty positions.

Writing effective cover letters and resumes is important and A+ Resumes for Teachers site can help! Below are images of a sample resume and cover letter for preschool from that website.

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