Bible Songs in Preschool

Bible songs and music activities in preschool open up a wide world of options for you to try with your preschoolers.  No matter which ones you try you will find that your preschoolers love the sound, rhythm, beat, melody and the lyrics!  

Let's look at a variety of ideas on how to present preschool Bible music activities and songs that work well with preschoolers and my favorite books and CDs of for the classroom!

Sing Bible Songs at Circle Time

Sing! Preschoolers love rhyme and repetition because it’s how they learn! Singing songs provide a wealth of both. Some children will sing their hearts out while others may take in the music quietly and not quite be ready to sing. 

Either way, they are learning.  Even your quietest children will be heard either singing or humming the songs during the day at interest learning centers or they will sing them at home--just ask the parents!

So, just sing!  

  • Sing songs during Circle Time to support your theme or devotional plan for the week.
  • Sing your children's favorite Bible songs randomly!  A fun way to do this is to have a Song Can! 
  1. Decorate a coffee can with construction paper.  Draw a Bible and some musical notes on it and label it "Songs from the Bible Can".
  2. Create an index card for each of your favorite Bible songs.  
  3. Print the name of the song and a picture or clip art that goes along with the song (for example, a picture of Zaccheus in a tree for "Zaccheus Was a Wee Little Man" song).  
  4. Pull out your song can at circle time or during a transition time.  
  5. Remove the index cards and randomly choose one and sing!

Sing and Teach Bible Songs for Storytelling

There are many songs that retell Bible stories.  Some suggestions would be:

  • “Daniel in the Lion’s Den” 
  • “Fishers of Men” 
  • “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God”
  • “Zaccheaus was a Wee Little Man” and 
  • “Hosanna Laud Hosanna the Little Children Sang” 

To view an adorable example, see this YouTube clip below featuring the song and the motions to “Zaccheaus”!

That song is from the following CD 

CD1745: Action Bible Songs CD Action Bible Songs CD
By Cedarmont Kids / Provident Music Distribution

Seventeen classic songs for kids including: "Onward, Christian Soldiers," "Rise and Shine (Arky, Arky)," "Father Abraham," "O Be Careful, Little Eyes," "Behold, Behold," "If You're Happy," "This Little Light of Mine" and many more! Split-track format lets your kids sing alone to the music! Lyrics included.

Sing Bible Songs to Announce Transitional Times

Using songs as transition indicators is one of the best activities used in a preschool learning environment. Most of us use this process already in our classrooms.  Think clean up time!  As soon as we sing, "Clean up, Clean up, Everybody everywhere!  Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share!", most children automatically begin picking up toys and putting them in their proper places--and many of the children will also sing along!

The same can happen when using Bible songs for different transitional times throughout the day.  Some examples are:

  • Sing a song about prayer to help children to prepare for prayer time. 
  • Sing a song such as “The B I B L E” to help children prepare to hear a Bible story. 
  • Sing (and use sign language for) the song "Jesus Love Me" to end a devotional time.  In my group, the children know that after we sing this song, we are going to pray together.
  • Sing a favorite song during general transitional times during the day such as while children are lining up to go outside, waiting to use the bathroom or waiting to be picked up (these are great times to use the Songs from the Bible Can I described earlier!).

My Favorite CDs and Resources for the Preschool Classroom

There are so many wonderful resources you can add to your library! Click Here to see a list from Christian Book's Bible Songs Page

Below are the ones that I love and use often!  This first one is wonderful!  Here are some details from the website.  Click on the image or title to read more!:

CD499: Kids Sing Praise, Volume 1 CD Kids Sing Praise, Volume 1 CD
By Brentwood Kids / Provident Music Distribution

Now you can sing along with all your favorite kids' Bible choruses! This classic recording from the Kids Sing Praise collection will provide hours of sing-along family fun as you share timeless songs and choruses with your kids. Watch as your children discover the joy of serving the Lord through the powerful words of truth contained in these songs of faith and love. Recommended for ages 3 to 8.

Below are 2 resources I HIGHLY recommend for your classroom!  I LOVE them!  Click the picture to read more about each one!

Use Songs to Aid in Memoriation of Bible Verses

Memorization is essential if we are to follow Psalm 119:11 and hide God’s word in our hearts.  Singing songs help us to do that!  

There is actually a song about that very verse called “I have Hidden God’s Word in My Heart”!  Play the video below to hear it!

This song is by Steve Green and can be found on his CD, "Hide 'Em In Your Heart" Volume 2, though I recommend BOTH CD's!  Click the image or title of either one below to read more information and see the song list for each CD.

CD64300: Hide "Em in Your Heart, Volume 1--CD/DVD Hide 'Em in Your Heart, Volume 1--CD/DVD
By Steve Green / Capitol Christian Music Group
CD64409: Hide "Em in Your Heart, Volume 2--CD/DVD Hide 'Em in Your Heart, Volume 2--CD/DVD
By Steve Green / Capitol Christian Music Group

There is a great idea for another form of memorizing scripture at the Hubbard’s Cupboard website!  They list scripture verses put to familiar preschool tunes like “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”.  They also provide a nicely printed songs with illustrations that can be put into a notebook for kids to look through and sing with.

Check it out by clicking here to go to their “Joyful Heart Tunes Bible Memorization” section! 

Bible Songs in Preschool Summary

As you can see, utilizing songs and music activities in preschool are great learning opportunities to teach our preschoolers about God's love and are lots of fun!  If you are looking for more ideas on how to present songs to preschoolers, go to my Preschool Songs main page!

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