Preschool Bible Games

Play, pretend, movement, and repetition are all good ingredients for preschool Bible games. 

As you know well, preschoolers need to move and their attention span is short. The more their body is involved in the learning process the better it is for teachers and learners! 

Games are an excellent way to reinforce a concept or Bible story that has been taught. Here are a few preschool Bible games that can keep your little ones moving and learning! 


Puzzles are an old stand-by, but still a favorite! These days Christian bookstores like Banner Books Parable Bookstore supply a nice variety of puzzles with Biblical themes or Bible stories. Here are just a few you can purchase: 

009002: Noah"s Ark Jigsaw Puzzle Noah's Ark Jigsaw Puzzle
By Alphabet Alley, Inc.

523720X: Count the Days of God"s Creation Wood Puzzle Count the Days of God's Creation Wood Puzzle
By Swanson, Inc.

Wooden puzzle is a fun tool to help kids learn their numbers and all the days of Creation! Slightly raised pieces make them easy to grasp; adorned with whimsical artwork detailing each day of Creation. 11.75" x 8.75".
000677: In the Beginning Jigsaw Puzzle In the Beginning Jigsaw Puzzle
By Alphabet Alley, Inc.

Jigsaw puzzle for fun play and early learners, with whimsical Creation artwork and thick jumbo pieces that are easy for young children. 24 durable puzzle pieces; matching colorful box for easy clean up and storage; recommended ages 3 and up. Play together at home or in Sunday school and start teaching the Genesis story.
221426: Noah"s Ark Puzzle and CD Set Noah's Ark Puzzle and CD Set
By Twin Sister Productions

Learn about the Bible while you play with the Noah's Ark Floor Puzzle from Twin Sisters. Designed for ages 4 years and older, this floor puzzle features 48 jumbo-sized pieces that when put together create an adorable scene of Noah, the animals, and his ark. Comes with a CD that features 20 musical songs and a read-along activity book that can be printed right from your computer. Puzzle measures 36" x 24".

There are also some great free printable puzzles that you can copy and laminate yourself at Christian Preschool Printables. These can fit with almost any Bible theme. 

Another good place to find Bible-themed puzzles is at garage sales. Who can beat those prices! 

Having puzzles out on the floor as an option to choose for activity time or as a structured game time itself works well. Be sure to talk about the picture that the puzzle makes and how it relates to what was learned that day. This conversation solidifies concepts that were taught in a fun way and gives children time to think and respond to what they’ve learned. 

Don't you just hate when you lose the pieces to puzzles? Check out this storage unit I found for puzzles. No more missing pieces - love it!

001006: Puzzle Storage Case Puzzle Storage Case
By Melissa & Doug

Add puzzle pizzazz to your children's rooms or Sunday school classrooms! There'll be no more toppling towers of Pisa or lost pieces when your kids slide their completed masterpieces into this colorful storage case. And the sturdy construction will stand up to years of use. Holds 12 standard-sized puzzles. Measures 13.75" x 10.5" x 9.5".

Action Games

Action games that mimic kid’s favorites like “Simon Says”, “Mother May I” or “Follow the Leader” can all be transformed into preschool Bible games. For example, after teaching about Noah’s Ark you can play “Noah Says”…jump like the kangaroos, fly like the birds and so on. 

Or, when learning about Jesus calling his Disciples, you could play “Jesus May I” ….follow you with baby steps, giant steps, or whatever you make up. 

Follow the leader is fun to play with the kids being sheep that follow the Shepherd through the mountains. One sheep gets lost and the shepherd has to go find it! Once you get thinking, I’m sure other games will come to mind that you can incorporate into your lessons. 

If you are teaching in a home setting and have access to a computer there are some virtual online preschool Bible games that kids can have fun with. 

At A Kids Heart, there are several online games to play that focus on color. As you talk about how God create color in our world you can also help your child recognize their colors with these sorting and coloring games. 

The Beginner's Bible is my favorite to use in the classroom.

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Additional Resources

423551: The Humongous Book of Games for Children"s Ministry The Humongous Book of Games for Children's Ministry

This is a go to book for me for games for preschool and Sunday school!

Check out my sister site's Bible Themes Page for FREE suggested games as well.

Preschool Bible games are not only exciting for kids to do while they learn about God’s Word but also create little “mind hooks” for little ones to hang their new ideas on. If you are teaching these games at school or church, a note to parents explaining the games is helpful so they can try them at home. Find a huge selection of Christian Bible games and more at Christian Books!

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