Welcome To The Preschool Professor!

Welcome to The Preschool Professor-- a website created for you, the early childhood educator!  

This site exists to provide you, the early childhood educator, with the guidance and how-to information you need as you work with this wonderful world of preschoolers!

Whether you are a preschool teacher, home provider or a parent, you will find information, articles, and activities that are sure to help you each day!

Our tagline or motto, if you will, is Search It, Find It, Apply It!

Hi! My name is Cheryl and I am your Preschool Professor!  ! I'm honored that you've come to visit my preschool site!

I love EVERYTHING preschool!  

I have been in the preschool field since the mid 1990's and have worn many hats including:

  • Preschool Teacher for community-based, private and for Christian preschool programs.
  • Preschool Director for Christian and private preschool programs
  • Superintendent and Sunday school teacher at my home church.
  • Director of Christian Education (overseeing the church's Preschool Program, Sunday school program, Children's Church program, Mid-week Elementary Program and the Youth Group)
  • Program Director for our Children's Worship/Children's Church Program 
  • Moppets Coordinator for the Local MOPS program.

So, I repeat, I love EVERYTHING preschool!  

There are some awesome preschool websites and blogs out there, and I've probably visited ALL of them at some point!  My goal with this site is to provide teachers with articles and information that help guide you as you plan and work with your preschoolers!--and provide that information in the same place!

I became the owner of this site in November of 2014.  I continually work on updating the pages and adding new and timely information.  I've pulled out my binders from the past 20 years (yes, I've saved most of the information I've gathered over the years) and started typing them up to share here with you!

I hope you enjoy the articlesand information on this site.  I add new pages at least weekly and am always open to ideas and suggestions!  So, let me know what YOU need by CLICKING HERE TO CONTACT ME!

I also provide preschool resources for you on my sister site!  Hop on over and visit me there as well!  Click any of the links below to check them out!

Preschool Plan It 

is a site with preschool lesson plans, preschool activities and information for teachers and parents who work with preschoolers

Preschool Plan It Store

is my store with original resources I've created including supplemental theme packets to go along with my free themes and Online Preschool Teacher Workshops

This website, The Preschool Professor, is known for its helpful articles with the “how-to’s” of teaching, working with and raising preschoolers and together-you and I will continue to add resources and training articles that help you every day working with these wee ones!

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