Little Lambs Bible Curriculum

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Little Lambs Program for Twos and Threes

by Faith Alive is primarily for two and three year olds and is done through directed play with a purpose. It caters to short attention spans and the need for physical activity. It is primarily a curriculum used in a church setting. 

As it lays a foundation for an early understanding of God it focuses on four goals:

  1. Exemplify Jesus’ love
  2. Reduce separation anxiety
  3. Provide an age appropriate setting
  4. Produce a foundation for a relationship with God. 

There are six main learning centers where themes are practiced: 

  • Play dough 
  • Art
  • Games
  • House 
  • Little Village
  • Storybooks

Each are simple to set up and easy to maintain. There are two years of materials each with six units containing ten lessons. The first few weeks introduce children to routines and play centers. The success of the program depends on careful attention to these. 

Even though this is primarily a church curriculum, it can be used at home. It contains teacher preparation that is clear and approaches lesson truths from a child’s perspective. The organizational structure involves about 75 minutes divided into approximately 10-15 minute segments. 

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