Preschool Crafts

No preschool program would be complete without a healthy collection of preschool crafts and arts supplies.  Every parent loves to proudly display their child's artwork on the refrigerator for all to see.  There are plenty of other reasons to include arts and craft activities though. Give a child art supplies and you've got a recipe for a ton of laughs, learning, and conversations.  Read on for the scoop on early childhood craft ideas.

If you've never seen a preschool child absorbed in an art project, then get ready! It can be as simple as a coloring page or as complicated as an hour-long project. But they will put every ounce of concentration and effort into what is sure to be their greatest masterpiece yet.

Preschool Crafts Are Fun

Arts and crafts at this age are a magnificent way to let the child's creativity and imagination soar. Preschoolers live in a world where most of their daily activities are directed by the adults around them. During craft time, they are in charge of what they make and how they do it.

They are free to express themselves without worrying about being judged, without thinking about whether it's "right" or "wrong."  If they want to make a tree purple, they can. If they want to paint aliens on the moon, they can.  

Preschool crafts can also enhance creativity in other areas.  For example, you can engage the help of your preschool children to make puppets for the theater center, make props for the housekeeping center, or costumes for the drama center. The possibilities are endless!

Preschool Crafts Are Educational

There are other benefits to arts and craft time during preschool as well. When children are busy creating, they are also engaged in socialization.  Very rarely will you ever see a group of preschool children silent during craft time! 

It is an excellent time for the kids to talk about what they are making, what materials they are using, and bounce ideas off of one another.  Along those same lines, children can practice their communication skills with crafts.

They have to be able to negotiate use of the supplies, explain their pictures or creations to others, and listen to others as they share their works of art.  As a teacher or parent, be sure to interact with the children during art and craft time!

Ask them to describe the colors, the textures, what they are thinking about as they create.  It not only helps to decipher some of their art, but it also helps the child learn to articulate the process they used. Take a few minutes at the end of craft time to share with the class what we have made. Kids are so proud of their work.  They get to practice their public speaking, and we get another opportunity to practice listening skills!

Preschool crafts are also easy to tie into the theme unit that we are working on for that time.  For example, during a theme unit of plants children can create an art project where they create their own plant using common household materials.  It gives them a chance to reinforce their learning of the plant parts, while at the same time using their creativity.

Lastly, arts and crafts offer children another occasion to develop their hand-eye coordination, a crucial skill to learn in preschool.  They get to manipulate crayons, markers, scissors, glue, the craft supplies and so on. Children who struggle with fine motor skills will also greatly benefit from craft time.

Where Can I Find Ideas for Preschool Crafts?

I'm glad you asked! There are many places that parents and teachers turn when they are looking for a craft idea to fit into what they are teaching.

One of the most popular searches is for Preschool Bible Crafts. You may be a Sunday school teacher, a Christian homeschooling parent, or a Christian school teacher – but you all share the same need. Luckily, we have a ton of ideas for you!

There are also plenty of searches for holiday craft ideas like: Christmas, Hanukkah, KwanzaaMother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, and Summer craft ideas. There are no cuter decorations for holidays than the ones that children create.

Of course, you may be looking for just some everyday preschool art projects as well. Back to School is a popular time to make crafts. Some teachers like to include crafts when they teach with themes. Luckily, there are many resources for finding preschool crafts.

Looking for Preschool Crafts and Art Supplies?

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