Preschool Bible Lessons

There are many people who are looking for preschool Bible lessons online:

Christian school teachers, Sunday school teachers, VBS teachers, and parents, among others.

Make sure before you start teaching a lesson that it is a biblically sound lesson.

Resources for Bible Lesson Plans

There are many places that one can look for Bible lessons for young children. But how do you know which ones will provide quality information in an appropriate way for preschoolers?

I have personally reviewed each of the resources listed below and offer my stamp of approval for each. I hope you will find them as helpful as I have!

Bible Kids Fun Zone

Offers a membership-based website with many themes available for teaching, including Nativity, Easter, Fruits of the Spirit, Creation, and so much more. The lessons are easy to follow, comprehensive, and also include crafts and coloring pages. I love how they offer two curriculums - one for younger kids (2-3) and one for older kids (4-5).  

First & Favorite Bible Lessons for Preschoolers by Beth Rowland Wolf and Bonnie Temple

This is a terrific book! The activities and lesson plans are age appropriate and fun for little ones. Some of the lesson may require more work than others, but those are usually the ones that the kids remember the most!

There are 2 volumes...check them out below!

Instant Bible Lessons for Preschoolers

This is a series of preschool Bible lessons that contain activities that motivate and preschoolers. Every 96-page book provides eight lessons aimed at children aged 2-5.  Click the link above to see the different topics they have.  I've used some of these lessons in preschool as well as Sunday school and Wednesday night groups!

You can also search ChristianBook for preschool lesson plans:


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