Hanukkah Songs

Get your preschoolers movin', groovin', singing and laughing with the Hanukkah songs!  

Many are fingerplays, many you can find the music to online.  

All are fun!  

Have a fun time singing in your preschool classroom or at home!

Menorah Candles

Sung to Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

Twinkle candles in the night

Standing on the menorah bright.

Burning slow, we all know.

Burning bright to give us light.

Twinkle candles in the night

Standing on the menorah bright.

Hanukkah!  Hanukkah!

Sung to Three Blind Mice 

Hanukkah!  Hanukkah!
Hanukkah is here!  Hanukkah is here!
Light eight candles in a row.
Light eight candles and see them glow.
Light eight candles so we all know
That Hanukkah is here.

Sing a Song of Hanukkah

Sung to Did You Ever See a Lassie?

Oh, sing a song of Hanukkah,

Of Hanukkah, of Hanukkah.

Sing a song of Hanukkah.

A Happy Holiday!

With presents and presents,

On every night one present.

Oh sing a song of Hanukkah,

A Happy Holiday!

Shammash Candle

Sung to Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star

Shammash Candle, share your light

With ONE candle the FIRST night.

Shine so brightly in the dark.

Share so gently with your spark.

Then out you'll to to rest and then

Tomorrow night you'll shine again!

Replace the bold/underlined words for each night



and so on.  At the end, change the last line of the song to , 

"Next year you will shine again!"

Five Little Latkes (Fingerplay)

To the tune or rhythm of 5 Little Monkeys

Five little latkes were sizzling in the pan (wiggle 5 fingers).

One jumped out and said, "Catch me if you can!".   

And it jumped and it ran all around the kitchen floor, (make fingers run on the floor in front of you)

When I turned around it ran right out the door!  (Make surprised face!)

Now, there's 4 little latkes sizzling in the pan (wiggle 4 fingers)

Continue...3, 2, 1...

Light the Candles Bright

Sung to Farmer in the Dell

Oh, light the candles bright

and dance around the light.

Heigh-ho the derry-oh

It's Hanukkah tonight!

Spin the Dreidel round

And watch it falling down.

Heigh-ho the derry-oh,

It's Hanukkah tonight!

Latke treats to eat

And family to greet.

Heigh-ho the derry - oh, 

It's Hanukkah tonight!

I Am Lighting All the Candles

Sung to I've Been Working on the Railroad

I am lighting all the candles,

On this Hanukkah night.

I am lighting all the candles

To see them shining bright.

Flicker, flicker little candles.

Fill me with your glow.

Now the time has come to count them: 

Ready, set and go!


The Latkes Are Frying in the Pan

Sung to When Johnny Comes Marching Home

The latkes are frying in the pan.  Hurrah!  Hurrah!

The latkes are frying in the pan.  Hurrah!  Hurrah!

And when they've cooked so nice and brown

We'll take them out and sit right down.

And we'll eat those yummy latkes this Hanukkah night!

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