Hanukkah Activities for Preschoolers

This Hanukkah Activities Theme page is to help celebrate Hanukkah.  Hanukkah is a Jewish celebration. When they restored the Temple of Jerusalem, they celebrated by lighting an oil lamp.  This lamp was to burn all the time.

They could only find enough oil to to keep it burning for one night. But a miracle occurred, and the oil lamp stayed lit for eight days, which was the amount of time it would take to make new oil for the lamp.

This is the miracle of the oil.  Since that time, Jews would remember that day with an eight day Festival of Lights.  They celebrate the miracle of the oil by lighting one candle in a Menorah (candle holder or candle stick) each evening during the eight day festivity. 

Here you will find activities to make with your preschoolers for this holiday.  Click on the area you'd like some ideas for!

Check out a couple of ideas for Bulletin boards and add your own!

What better way to celebrate the season than to create some adorable arts and preschool Hanukkah art ideas! 

Playing Hanukkah games is a great way to have fun and engage with your preschoolers!

Find some delicious Hanukkah themed snacks on this page to make with your preschoolers!

These Hanukkah Songs will be a blast to sing with your preschoolers throughout your Hanukkah Activities Theme!

Want MORE Hanukkah Activities Ideas?

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