Hanukkah Games for Preschool

This page will have Hanukkah Games for your preschool classroom.  Games help your preschoolers to develop their large (gross) and small (fine) motor (muscle) skills while they have fun together.  Please let me know if you have other games to add to this page!

Spin the Dreidel

You will need:  dredels, sorters (coins, beans, milk caps, marbles), dreidel signs

In advance, print out these signs (CREATE DREIDEL SIGNS AND DESCRIPTIONS) and place near your game area.

Place the sorters in a bowl.

In small groups, have the children take turns spinning the dreidel and either adding to or taking from the bowl based on what the Hebrew letter means.

H4  Pin the Candle

Pin the Candle

Make a large menorah out of poster board and hang on the wall.

Make large candles.

Play this like pin the tail on the donkey.

The children are blindfolded and try to tape the candle on the menorah.

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