Hanukkah Bulletin Boards

Ideas and suggestions for your Preschool Hanukkah Bulletin Boards!  Check out these ideas and, please, send me yours as well!

The Festival of Lights

Make a large menorah shape for your bulletin board and hang it up.

In advance, make 9 large candle shapes out of poster board.

Each day, have the children decorate one of the candles together.  When dry, place on the menorah (add one each day during Hanukkah).

Use a variety of items each day to decorate.

Some suggestions:  Sequins; construction paper shapes; feathers; glitter; markers, etc.

Symbols of Hannukah

In advance, cut out Hannukah shapes such as dreidels, menorahs, Stars of David, etc.

Cut out one of each for each child.

Each day, have them work on their shapes and hang on the bulletin board.

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