Easter Bulletin Boards for Preschool

Easter bulletin boards are the perfect way to display children's spring artwork. It's also a great way for teachers to decorate their classrooms for the Easter season.

There are many choices that you have for bulletin boards for Easter. If you are pressed for time, perhaps you want to create a general one that will stay up the whole spring season.

Or you may want to change your bulletin board to reflect the preschool themes you are teaching.

Find great ideas and inspiration for Easter bulletin boards below!

Easter Bulletin Boards (General)

Here are some Easter bulletin board ideas that are perfect for public school classrooms to celebrate this spring holiday! For Christian Easter bulletin board ideas, skip down the page.

Hoppin' Down The Bunny Trail

After each child has created an Easter activity, use them to create a cute bulletin board!

  1. Make a background for the bulletin board with blue for the sky and green for the grass.
  2. Then have a curved brown path in the middle of the board.
  3. Scatter the students' bunny art along the path.
  4. Add some puffy white clouds (cotton balls) and a bright sun in the sky to complete your spring bulletin board!

Our Eggs-ellent Class

  1. Have each student decorate a paper egg (see the Easter egg ideas on this page!).
  2. Cut each egg in a zigzag so that it looks like it's cracked.
  3. Attach the two pieces of the egg together with a paper fastener so it can open and close.
  4. Glue each child's picture to the middle of the bottom piece of the egg.
  5. Arrange the eggs on your bulletin board with the tops of the eggs loose so that the children can open their eggs and see their faces!

I Am Some-Bunny Special

  1. Have each child look in a mirror and tell the special features that they see.
  2. Give the children a piece of paper with a face outline and let them draw what they look like. An alternative is to give them materials to make the picture 3D, like buttons for eyes and yarn for hair.
  3. You can either leave the portrait as is, or you can make a frame for it – out of construction paper, cardstock, or craft sticks.
  4. On the top of the bulletin board, write “I Am Some-Bunny Special" and scatter bunny pictures between the children's portraits. 

Hop Into a Good Book

This bulletin board idea also uses a bunny craft made by the students.

  1. After each child has made their own bunny, have them choose their favorite book.
  2. Then they can draw a miniature book cover of their favorite book.
  3. Hang the bunnies on your bulletin board holding the miniature books - so cute!  

Easter Bulletin Boards (Christian)

These bulletin boards are great for use in Christian schools or church classrooms:

Jesus Saves

  1. Use blue paper for the sky and brown paper to make mountain background.
  2. Over the background paper, use gold foil paper to create 3 crosses, making the one in the middle higher and larger.
  3. Have the children make an Easter Lily.
  4. Cover the ground with the lillies and make the title, "JESUS SAVES!"


  1. For this bulletin board, have children create palm leaves.
  2. Make a background for your board and have a road going down the middle of it.
  3. Either draw or hang a poster of a donkey on the path, with Jesus upon his back.
  4. Hang the palm fronds all along the path with the title, "Hosanna In the Highest."

Stained Glass Crosses

  1. Have children make this stained glass craft, and make them into either cross or egg shapes.
  2. Hang them on your bulletin board with the title "Jesus Lives!"

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