Why I Became a Preschool Teacher

by Jennifer

I became a preschool teacher because of my brother. He is autistic and the doctors didn't think he would be able to function well in society. My mother did a lot of research when he was little and found a great school to send him to that had a special program for autistic children.

Before he started school, he did not speak and wouldn't make eye contact with anyone. When he started school, his teachers worked so diligently with him and we saw incredible progress. By the end of his preschool years (he went there for 2 years), he was making some eye contact with us and was beginning to communicate!

That year was such a turning point for our family. I know how hard those preschool teachers worked with my brother and I knew that when I grew up I wanted to help out other families like they did for ours.

Now I teach a preschool program for special needs children at a local school and I hope that I am as good of a teacher as my brother's teachers were!

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May 20, 2010
by: Lindy


Thanks for sharing. That is really a touching story on why you became a preschool teacher. I know we all have our special reasons and I appreciate you telling us yours. Keep up your great work!

AKA "The Preschool Professor"

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