Story Hour Bible Curriculum

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Story Hour Program Guide

by Faith Alive is a creative program for four- to six-year-olds that makes learning about God a fun adventure! This binder includes 40 detailed how-to session plans (including Bible stories, storytelling options, Bible words, songs, action rhymes, art, and dramas), ideas for organizing a program, 10 themes or mini-units, leader resources, and 2 CDs containing songs by Mary Rice Hopkins: Sing-along Creation Songs and Sing-along Miracle Songs.

Faith Alive resources are known for their age appropriate plans and activities for this age group!  

Each lesson is set up in the following format:

1.  Welcome and Introduction

  • Scripture Verse
  • Goals for Today
  • Personal teacher meditation

2.  Bible Story

  • Preparation
  • Big Ideas
  • Telling the Story (includes a suggestion on telling the story such as a puppet show, skit, etc.)
  • Prayer Time

3.  Learning Activities (You choose as many or as few as you have time for)

  • Bible Words, Songs, and Action Rhymes
  • Craft, Snack and Art Ideas

You can read a sample lesson by clicking here.

This curriculum runs on a two year scope.  Click on the links below to read more on each year.

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