Sing, Spell, read and Write
Christian Preschool Curriculum Review

Build a solid foundation of reading readiness for your little learners! This updated edition of the popular program covers colors, shapes, alphabet letters and sounds, object classification, story sequence, directional concepts, opposites, the seasons, and counting from one to 10. Kit includes activity sheets; "Alph-O" cards; sing-along-and-point strip and place mat; clock and shoe manipulatives; counting sticks; sing-along songs on cassette and CD; puzzles; award stickers; and teacher's manual. From Pearson.

Sing, Spell, Read and Write Curriculum Details

46681: Sing, Spell, Read & Write--Preschool Home Study Kit Sing, Spell, Read & Write--Preschool Home Study Kit
By Pearson Learning

Sing, Spell, Read, and Write Pre-Kindergarten covers colors, shapes, visual discrimination, matching, opposites, classification, story sequence, coloring, tracing, letter recognition, letter sounds, auditory discrimination, counting 1-10, zero, seasons, and oral vocabulary development.

The teacher's manual provides step-by-step directions, enrichment activities, song lyrics, and a recommended read-aloud book list. Lessons include activity numbers to easily locate the correct activity sheet; objectives, recommended books, and lesson instructions are all included on the same page for easily found, coordinated planning.

This kit includes:

  • More than 100 activity sheets with 224 age-appropriate activities
  • A Teacher's Manual
  • Sing-along songs on CD
  • Alph-O Card Game and Alph-O Puzzles
  • 2 Sing-along-and-point Alphabet Placemats
  • Clock Manipulative
  • Shoe Tying Manipulative
  • ABC/Number Line Strip
  • Counting (popsicle) sticks
  • 14 award stickers

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