Hooked on Phonics Review

Hooked on Phonics (HOP) is one of the most popular reading program for children in preschool through grades 3 and up.

The program uses a multi-sensory approach to teach reading through phonics, phonetic readers, audio CDs, CD-ROMS, flashcards, and workbooks. 

It begins with letter and sound recognition and moves on to instruction in blending using word families (for example; -ig: pig, rig, dig, etc.) beginning with short-vowel words. 

The program then moves on to long-vowel words and other phonograms. Sight words are taught as necessary.

Boxed sets of materials are available for purchase by grade level. Hooked on Phonics also produces materials for older readers who need extra practice.

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Hooked on Phonics Review

After looking at all the elements of Hooked on Phonics, I can say with confidence that HOP's Pre-K program teaches preschoolers the basic skills they need to prepare for kindergarten.   Its unique combination of comprehensive programs teaches children letter names, phonemic awareness, and number recognition, and includes fun activities to learn about colors, shapes, and more. 

The workbooks are great for the type of learner who is a sit-down, get to work, paper and pencil kind of child.  There are stickers as a type of reward that will motivate this type of learner.  

More kinesthetic learners, on the other hand, will be motivated through the DVD music videos.  In addition, the games that can be played with the flash cards will motivate this type of learner as well.  

The Hooked on Phonics program is designed in such a way that every child will be motivated and be able to achieve success!

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Hooked on Phonics Testimonials

If you would like to read more reviews from other parents and teachers who have used Hooked on Phonics, keep reading...

We have seen phenomenal results!

I started my daughter Katie on the program when she turned three last May. Yesterday she turned four, and after using HOP just once or twice a week for the past year, she now reads better than most first- or second-graders! 

Whenever strangers heard Katie reading out loud, they always stopped and asked, "How old is she?" When they learned she wasn't even four, they invariably expressed shock at how well she read for her age.

More importantly, Katie loves the HOP program.... I have to discourage people from calling our house between 8-8:30 a.m., since that is our reading time, and Katie gets very upset if we miss our HOP time!

And she was so excited when she finished the Level 1 kit and moved on to Level 2 — we had to have a mini-celebration to mark the occasion!

Hooked on Phonics is a tried-and-true program that all but guarantees a child's success.

Katie is now working her way through Level 2 and based upon the results we've seen so far, I have no doubt she'll be reading at a second- or third-grade level before she even starts kindergarten!

Thank you for making such a fun and valuable tool available to parents and children!

Jennifer Logue, mother of Katie, age 4

Your products are incredible tools.

I wanted to tell you that I have used HOP to help two of my children learn to read. It is an excellent program! 

My six-year-old is now using your "Master Reader" program and loves it. It is really helping her decode larger words and take her reading skills to the next level. I have recommended your programs to many friends. 

As a teacher, I see that your products are incredible tools to build reading skills. I would love to share my success story with others because I truly believe in your products. I am looking forward to using your program again with my three-year-old.

Margaret Gallipeau, teacher and mother of two

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