Back to School Books

Back to School books are perfect to read on the first day of school to the new students in your classroom. Parents love to read them to their children to ease nervousness and answer questions before they head back for another school year.

Books are a great way to let children know what they are feeling is normal and experienced by everyone. 

Some can open up discussions on how each child and family deals with the start of a new school year. Many of these books can be used as a launching pad for a lesson, a learning activity, or even an adorable craft!

The ones below are some of the favorites each year.  There are so many more!  You can check your local library or check out what Amazon has to offer.  

General Children's Back to School Books

These books are great for any ages, for parents or teachers to read to their children.  

Books for Preschoolers

These books are specifically geared for preschoolers - getting ready to start school for the very first time! 

Some of these, you will find, are for reading to children who are struggling with preschool separation anxiety. My personal favorites for that situation are: I Don't Want to Go to School, Will You Come Back for Me?, and The Kissing Hand.

Books for Kindergarteners

Kindergarten is such an exciting time for students! School is still new to them and may be their first "formal" schooling. These books will help children get ready for that first day!

Some of these are great for preschool teachers to read at the end of the school year to prepare students for going to kindergarten as well.

Whichever books you choose to read at the start of the school year, I hope you make it memorable - for the students and yourself!  So many of these books can be made into week long themes about coming back to school, learning about each other and our families and starting the year of with excitement!

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