Alpha Omega Curriculum for Preschool

Alpha Omega Curriculum for Preschool is a Christian homeschooling program that has been around for over 30 years. They have built a solid name for themselves during that time. Up until recently, they only offered curriculum programs that started in Kindergarten.

In 2007, they introduced Horizons Preschool, a Christian preschool curriculum program. This curriculum introduces preschoolers to social studies, language arts, math, phonics, and science. Additional topics include health and safety, arts and crafts, music, and physical education.

Alpha Omega states on their website, "Horizons Preschool can be easily adapted to a variety of schedules and program objectives with a flexible organizational structure. The Horizons Preschool Curriculum Set includes all the tools you need to succeed including additional manipulatives and engaging multimedia which compliments lesson themes."

If you decide to go with Alpha Omega curriculum, I would recommend the Complete Curriculum and Multimedia Set. It contains 180 hands-on lessons that are biblically-based. I loved how the lessons teach not only core subjects (language arts, math, science), but also include extension activities like arts and crafts, music, stories, and outside activities. There are also plenty of games, songs, poems, and drama to get your preschooler ready for kindergarten in a Christian setting.

The best part Alpha Omega curriculum is that it includes comprehensive teacher guides that are easy to implement. The daily lesson plans allow you the flexibility to control your homeschool schedule – you teach when it works best for you and your child. Alpha Omega makes teaching your child fun (as if it wasn’t already, right?)!

The multimedia set has an extensive list of music CDs, CD-ROMs, and videos that you can incorporate into each day's lessons. In this day and age, we know how important it is to introduce children early to the variety of media that they will encounter on a daily basis.

This Christian preschool curriculum can be used with a single child, or schools can order for a complete classroom. Alpha Omega's website also offers great support – a live chat feature, as well as terrific customer service.

All in all, I would rate Alpha Omega curriculum for preschool an A+.

Alpha Omega Curriculum Details

314537: Horizons Preschool Curriculum and Multimedia Set Horizons Preschool Curriculum and Multimedia Set
By Alpha Omega Publications

Lay a solid foundation for lifelong learning with this flexible, comprehensive curriculum complete with multimedia visuals! Designed to accommodate a 3- to 5-day schedule, you can set the pace of what you'd like to accomplish each week with the easy-to-follow teacher's guide. The resource packet includes a variety of teaching resources such as cut outs, displays, lesson illustrations, seasonal images, and more, giving you the resources needed for class time.

Each day shifts between Bible, shapes, phonics, math, language arts, crafts, and even homework, bringing a wealth of new and exciting information that will engage young minds. Colorful pages will hold children's interest as they work the large-print problems; the exercises will stretch thinking skills as they complete both creative assignments and factual problems.

Through biblically-based lessons, preschoolers will be introduced to social studies, language arts, math, phonics, science, health and safety, arts and crafts, music, and physical education. The hands-on activities are perfect for little bodies, while concepts are reinforced through games, songs, poems, and drama to prepare your preschooler for kindergarten-type games. The multimedia elements include captivating stories on DVD and Christian songs on CDs and CD-ROMs that coordinate with lesson themes presented in this curriculum. 180 lessons.

This Kit Includes:

  • Student Book 1, 336 perforated pages, softcover
  • Student Book 2, 302 perforated pages, softcover.
  • Teacher's Guide 1, 358 pages, softcover
  • Teacher's Guide 2, 318 pages, softcover.
  • 1 Resource Packet
  • Character Builders DVD set
  • 3 Kingdom Under the Sea DVDs: The Red Tide, The Gift, and Return of the King
  • Music Machine and Music Machine: Benny's Biggest Battle DVDs
  • The Amazing Book, Miracles, and Children CDs (3 CDs)
  • Rev-Up for Learning DVD (covers reading, writing, and arithmetic)
  • 4 Bullfrogs & Butterflies CDs
  • Horizons Preschool Sing-Along Music CD
  • Sir Oliver's Song CD
  • Once upon a Christmas CD
  • The Birthday Party CD
  • Nathaniel the Grublet CD
  • The Story of Little Tree CD
  • 3 Music Machine CDs: The Majesty of God, The Fruit of the Spirit, and All About Love.

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