Ideas for Sunday School Bulletin Boards

Displaying children's art on these Sunday school bulletin boards makes them feel so proud. Nothing is as special as a preschooler showing his or her parent their creation on the bulletin boards. When the display is life size and available for all to see, this is extra special! 

Sunday school bulletin boards not only provide a place to display children’s artwork but also can reinforce concepts that they’ve learned. 

God Made Me

This bulletin board idea could fit in combination with the learning of the song, “God Made Me.” See this you tube clip to hear how it goes! 

The song can be found on this CD collection, along with many other great Bible songs:

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The words to the song could center the board. Each child then could put a painted handprint around the words. If they can write their name they can sign their autograph under their handprint. Washable paint makes this task easy to clean up! 

God Made Families

Preschoolers are very familiar with the concept of family. When teaching about God’s care for us, the concept of family is a great place to start. A bulletin board idea that shows each child’s family is easy. A simple camera cutout in the corner of the bulletin board sets the stage for each picture of the preschooler’s family that they draw or color. They will look like a collection of photographs! 

God Made the World

As you learn the Bible stories about creation, this bulletin can be the display of a creation collection walk. Take the children on a short walk and collect things they see that God made. Some examples could include:

  • leaves 
  • stones 
  • sticks 
  • dead bugs 
  • flowers 

Give each child a Ziploc baggy to keep their finds in. When you return inside they may glue what they found onto construction paper. These can be displayed on the bulletin board. A nice cutout or clipart of the world would look awesome in the center. 

For more preschool Bible crafts that could be use for a bulletin board, check out this page.

The nice part about Sunday school bulletin boards is that simplicity makes them easy!

Bulletin boards that are easy to do, and easy to look at, are also easy to learn from! 

Resources for Sunday School Bulletin Boards

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