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Free Preschool Activities When You Sign Up for my FREE E-Zine!

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Sign up for The Preschool Primer (my newsletter) and receive free lesson planning forms from The Preschool Professor! Find out how here!

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Valentines Day Party Central

Preschool Plan It Valentines Day Image

Prepare for Valentines Day party time with these helpful ideas.

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About Me, The Preschool Professor

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Meet the person behind The Preschool Professor website!

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Bible Songs in Preschool

Your complete source for finding and using Bible songs and music activities for preschool.

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Over 200 NEW Items?? I'm shopping!!!

Did you see this? Discount School Supply has over 225 NEW items this year!!!! There are several on my list: Translucent Light blocks, the Soft Family and other items. What about you?

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Preschool Teachers Lounge

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Educators are always in need of more preschool teaching ideas. Come hang out in our Teachers' Lounge! You'll find a vast collection of tips, articles, and more here.

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Parent Teacher Conference

How do you prepare for a preschool parent teacher conference? Tips and advice here.

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Preschool Safety in the Classroom

Sanitizing Preschool Toys Chart

How can teachers make preschool safety a top priority? Easy to use ideas, advice, and tips here.

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Preschool Calendar

Preschool calendar activities are a useful way to teach days, months, and counting skills. More ideas here...

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Preschool Weather Activities

Using preschool weather activities during circle time can be a great way to teach math & science. We've got tons of ideas for teachers here.

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Preschool Classroom Jobs

What are the best types of preschool classroom jobs for children to have in the classroom and at home? Find out here.

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Preschool Classroom Set Up

Preschool Classroom Set Up1

How can you set up your preschool classroom to maximize space and learning? Find arrangement suggestions and advice here.

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Preschool teacher jobs

Looking for the best preschool teacher jobs? Where can you work? What's the pay? Find out here.

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