Spring Bulletin Boards for Preschool

After the long winter, Spring bulletin boards are just what teachers and students need. 

They can help brighten up the classroom and bring some of that sunshine inside. 

There are many choices that you have for Spring bulletin boards.  If you are pressed for time, perhaps you will want to create a general one that will stay up the whole season.

Or you may want to switch your bulletin board to reflect the changing holidays. For example, a St. Patrick's Day bulletin board in March, an Easter and a Mother's Day bulletin board for May.  Find other great ideas and inspiration for Spring bulletin boards below!

General Spring Bulletin Boards

These bulletin board ideas could stay up the whole season, in case you don't have time or energy to change them monthly!

Spring Into A Good Book

  1. Make a color copy of the cover of some popular children's books (like The Cat in the Hat, Curious George, & The Very Hungry Caterpillar).
  2. Attach a large picture of an umbrella on a blue background.
  3. Hang the pictures of the covers around the board, as though they are raindrops coming down.

Your preschoolers will love discussing which books they had read, which ones they own, and which ones they want to read next! 

Spring Fun

submitted by Roxann Brown from Mullen, NE, USA

  1. Purchase a pair of rain boots for each child (or have parents donate them!)
  2. Use real pants.
  3. Make rain coats from paper.
  4. Enlarge photos of each child's head.
  5. Create umbrellas from craft foam.  Add handles to the umbrellas.
  6. Add raindrops.

Spring Scene

  1. Cover the board with blue paper for the sky and green paper for the grass. (Cut the top of the green into a fringe to make it look more like grass.)
  2. Make a large sun out of yellow paper and put it up in the sky.
  3. Place a brown tree trunk (real or made of paper) in the middle of the board.
  4. Attach small green "buds" (rolled up pieces of green paper) to the branches.
  5. Hang a few small plastic birds and butterflies in the sky.
  6. For the final touch, hang any of the children's Spring art activities on the board!

Let's Get Cracking...Spring Is Here!!!

submitted by Melodee Rosopa (Anderson, SC)

  1. Trace and cut out an egg pattern about the size of half a page on cardstock.
  2. Cut different pastel colored tissue paper into small squares.
  3. Glue tissue paper pieces onto egg shape template.
  4. Cut zig zag line through center of egg to represent the crack.
  5. Glaze over the tissue paper egg with glitter glue for a shimmery effect.
  6. Glue a picture of the child in middle of open egg and glued the top cracked portion of the egg on the child's head.

Spring Fun 

submitted by Tiffany

  1. Start with a background of a white picket fence and large flower made of construction paper.
  2. Place a large potted tree in front (I use that to hang up the kid's seasonal crafts).
  3. For the decoration, use some of the spring crafts you make in class.
  4. Hang up the kids sponge-painted flowers by the fence.
  5. On thetree, hang the children's fireflies and butterflies.

The children love looking for their art projects hanging up around the room!

Look What's Blooming

  1. Take each child's picture and glue it to a flower shape made from various colors of construction paper, making sure paper is visible around picture.
  2. Place a large yellow sun at the top and a puffy cloud made out of cotton balls in the sky.
  3. Make a field of grass by stapling on green paper along the bottom and cutting vertical strips to make it look like blades of grass.
  4. Make green stems and leaves out of green paper.
  5. Attach each flower to a stem and write the words "Look What's Blooming" above the picture. 

Spring Bulletin Boards for Holidays and Special Days

God or Education Transforms Lives

submitted by Peggy Green from Clarksburg, WV

  1. Place blue paper as the back ground paper.
  2. Make or add a flower border.
  3. Make a cocoon out of a small tree branch and wrap it with brown packing paper. Place it, slanted, at the bottom of the board.
  4. Place a home made little butterfly close by and a bigger butterfly further out (as if they had hatched and grew).

Use the title "God Transforms Lives" on Christian program bulletin boards and "Education Transforms Lives" as a general school bulletin board.

Here are some holiday and special day ideas for Spring bulletin boards:

St. Patrick's Day

Miss ___________'s Pot of Gold

  1. Cover the board with green butcher paper.
  2. Attach a poster of a leprechaun and a black pot.
  3. Use strips of construction paper to create a rainbow that end at the pot.
  4. Fill the pot with circles of yellow construction paper.
  5. On the circles, place pictures of the children's faces.

The children will be so excited to see themselves as "your" gold!

Earth Day

Earth's Helping Hands

  1. On a large piece of brown paper, have children put their handprints all over in blue and green paint.
  2. Hang it on your board as the background.
  3. Create a large Earth picture to hang on the middle of the board.
  4. Have the children trace their hands on blue and green paper and cut out.
  5. Attach these paper hands in a circle over the Earth, like they are giving it a hug!

Mother's Day

Mothers Love Their Babies

  1. For this interactive bulletin board, you will need pictures of animal mothers and their babies.
  2. Attach the pictures of the mother animals all over the board with an envelope next to it.
  3. Attach all the pictures of the babies to a piece of yarn (so they don't get accidently removed from the area).
  4. Attach the yarn to the middle of the board.

As an activity for Mother's Day, have the children match the pictures of the baby animals to their mothers.

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