Kwanzaa Games for Preschool

This page has Kwanzaa Games for your preschool classroom.  Games help your preschoolers to develop their large (gross) and small (fine) motor (muscle) skills while they have fun together.  Please let me know if you have other games to add to this page!

Kwanzaa games that are developmentally appropriate for preschoolers were tougher activities than I thought!  I only have one, which is also on my full week theme page for Kwanzaa HERE at Preschool Plan It.

Here it is!

Have you ever played Mancala?  It is a variation of a several games played in various parts of Africa.

It is too complex of a game for preschoolers, but how about making up a new game to play together: Mancala Ball?!

Provide several bins or laundry baskets.  Label them with color cards.

Provide different colored balls.  The children try to get the corresponding balls into the bins or baskets of the same color!

Do YOU have ideas for preschool Kwanzaa games?  Please, PLEASE share them here!  Go to the bottom of this page to share your idea!

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Do you have a great, active Kwanzaa game to share?

Active, physical gross motor games developmentally appropriate for preschoolers with a Kwanzaa theme were tough to find! Do you have any you can share? Please do so here!

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