Fall Bulletin Board Ideas:
Start the Year Off Right!

At the start of a school year, many teachers are looking for fall bulletin board ideas. They want their classrooms to look festive and inviting for the new students coming in.

There are many choices that you have for fall bulletin boards. If you are pressed for time, perhaps you want to create a general one that will stay up the whole season.

You may want to change your bulletin board monthly to reflect the holidays or themes you are teaching each month.

Find great fall bulletin board ideas and inspiration below!

General Fall Bulletin Board Ideas

These fall bulletin board ideas are for ones that could stay up the entire fall season, if you don't have time (or energy!) to change them monthly.

FALL In Love With Reading

  1. Make a color copy of the cover of some popular children's books (think The Cat in the Hat, Curious George, & The Very Hungry Caterpillar).
  2. Attach a large brown tree trunk shape.
  3. Create die cut (click the link to find the die cut machine that I found!)  leaves in various shapes and colors and attached them all over the tree top and falling to the ground.
  4. Hang the pictures of the book covers scattered around the board.

Your preschoolers will love discussing which books they had read, which ones they own, and which ones they want to read!

Falling Into Autumn

  1. Start with a large picture of a child jumping.
  2. Add real fall leaves (collect them on a nature walk) to build a leaf pile and leaves that are flying up from the pile.
  3. Add a small, plastic rake to the side of the bulletin board.
  4. The end result is a board that looks like a child jumping in a pile of leaves. 

Fall Scene

  1. Cover the bulletin board with orange paper.
  2. Attach a large tree trunk picture in the middle.
  3. Collect fall leaves (during a nature walk) and staple the leaves to the tree and around the ground.
  4. Staple some hay on the board to look like a haystack.
  5. Attach a picture of a scarecrow and some pumpkins to complete the bulletin board.

Fall Bulletin Board Ideas - Month by Month


Our Bushel of Great Kids

  1. Give each child an apple shape cut out of red paper.
  2. They practice writing their names on it (we help if needed).
  3. The bulletin board has a large picture of a bushel basket (weave strips of brown paper to do this).
  4. Add all the apples in and around the basket.

Your preschoolers will love looking for their names and their friends' names, too!

Apple Tree

  1. Cover the bulletin board with blue paper at the top for the sky and green paper at the bottom for the grass.
  2. Attach a large brown tree trunk shape to the middle and cover the top with a large green circle (for the leaves).
  3. Cut real apples in half and put red, green and yellow paint in a dish.
  4. One by one, have the students come up and dip an apple half in their choice of paint and stamp the paint onto the tree and around on the grass.


Welcome to the Pumpkin Patch

  1. Use pumpkins that you make with your preschoolers for this bulletin board!
  2. Place brown paper for the background at the bottom to look like a field.
  3. Place blue at the top for the sky.
  4. The pumpkins are placed around the field, making sure the children's names are on the front so they know which one is theirs!
  5. To make it more decorative, add vines (from the craft store) or have the children practice cutting green paper for vines.
  6. Add some hay here and there.

We Are BATTY Over Books

  1. This one is very similar to the "FALL In Love With Reading" board above.
  2. Make a color copy of the cover of each book you read in October.
  3. Add each book cover to the bulletin board after you read it.
  4. To decorate, find pictures of bats and attach them, even some plastic ones to hang from the top!
  5. Or, make bats with the children!  Place bat shaped paper on the easel for them to paint!

Your preschoolers will love looking at the covers of the books and remembering what the stories were about!


We Are Thankful

  1. Cover your board with orange or yellow paper.
  2. Create a giant turkey body and stapled it to the middle of the board.
  3. Attach the words "We Are Thankful" along the top and bottom.
  4. Have children trace and then cut out turkey feather shapes.
  5. Ask each student what they were most thankful for and write it on their feather.
  6. When done, I hang the feathers around the turkey to form its tail.

The parents will LOVE this!

Harvesting Good Character

  1. Place a picture of a large cornucopia on the board.
  2. Find pictures in magazines of children showing good behavior (like giving a hug, cleaning up, holding hands with a friend, etc.) and glue them onto large colorful vegetable shapes.
  3. Staple the shapes to look like as though they are spilling out of the cornucopia.

Discuss the pictures and traits with the children.

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