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a boy who changed the world; Promoting Literacy and March Theme Ideas
February 28, 2015

Welcome to the 5th issue of The Preschool Press from The Preschool Professor!

My hope is that you will find information in each newsletter that is helpful to you- the Early Childhood Educator- as you work with this wonderful group called Preschoolers!

March 2015, Issue # 5

In This Issue:

Article: Inspirational Case Study: A boy who changed the world!

Resource for Promoting Literacy in Preschool

2 Exciting Change to the Website

Suggested Preschool Themes for March divider

Inspirational Case Study: How one boy changed the world!

Yes, this has happened over and over and over again throughout history and continues to happen! I'd like to tell you a true story. Get yourself a cup of coffee or other favorite beverage and enjoy.

I'll wait while you get your beverage.........

Are you comfy and all set for "Staff Storytime"? Okay!

Once upon a time, a long time ago there was a boy named Benjamin. Benjamin was fascinated by pocket watches. So much so that he was allowed to borrow a pocket watch from a friend.

It is said he took it apart and put it back together over and over again until he could do it without error. As time went on, he began to carve larger wooden replica pieces representing each and every part of the pocket watch.

By the age of 22, Benjamin put the wooden pieces together and made a wooden clock--the first clock ever made!

As a young man, Benjamin (being a boy raised on his family's farm) became fascinated with Astronomy. Recognizing this, a neighbor and fellow farmer lent him some books and equipment on the subject.

One year later, Benjamin sent his neighbor the work he had completed--he had calculated the Solar Eclipse!

He later assisted this same neighbor to survey land. This survey would eventually be used by the Federal Government to declare land boundaries for the Residence Act of 1790!

Benjamin used his astronomical knowledge and observations in this endeavor. He also utilized a clock that helped him to relate points on the ground to specific positions of stars at specfic times.

When Benjamin left this survey position and returned to his family farm to live (he had become ill), he continued his work at the neighbor's farm.

He again used his astronomical calculations (the ones that predicted solar and lunar eclipses) and included them in what was, at the time, refered to as an ephemeris, or diary.

But, it is not just your every day, run-of-the-mill diary--it is what we today refer to as a Farmer's Almanac!

In fact, he published his almanacs (the first ever published in the U.S.) for 6 years!

The End.......but not really!

This is only a small part of the life of Benjamin Banneker! I learned about Mr. Banneker last month while researching information to add to my Black History Month Theme page.

I found his life and works a truly fascinating read!

In addition, I find his life and works an inspiration to continue to encourage the children in OUR care to dig deeper and investigate the world around them!

Little Benjamin grew to be a man who contributed so much to our country and our world--and all because of three basic things:

  • Someone recognized his passions and curiosities.
  • Someone acted upon this by lending him books and materials
  • Someone (or multiple people) in his life encouraged him to apply his passion and knowledge in the world.

And that is what we, as preschool teachers and parents, have the opportunity to do for each and every child in our care! We can:

  • Continue to get to know each child, including their interests and passions.
  • Provide both non-fiction and fiction books that support those interests.
  • Provide hands-on materials for them to explore that are related to their interests. (And by explore, I mean "take-apart" if possible!)
  • Encourage them to make observations, predictions and inferences about what they are learning (through drawing, printing, painting or dictating their discoveries to you!).
  • Encourage them to apply this passion and knowledge in the classroom!

Doing so will give them the ability to investigate the world around them AND give them the confidence to never stop learning!


Remember Benjamin's wooden clock? It is said that the clock struck on the hour and did so, without fail, until he passed away some 50 years later! divider

Promoting Literacy in Preschool

In recognition of Read Across America Week and the focus on literacy in the month of March, the following pages have been updated and brought back from the archives!

Teaching Literacy

Preschool Literacy Activities

Preschool Pre Writing Skills and Information

Preschool Storytime

Preschool Nursery Rhyme Time!

Exciting Changes to the Website!

The first change you may have already noticed is where the "navigation" bars are--those rectangle boxes you click to go where you want to go on the website!

Rather than have them scroll on and on and on, etc. ;) down the left hand side of the website, you will now find what you need on the top of each page in the website. Just hover over any of the sections you see in the green rectangles and a drop down menu will show you where you can go from there!

I hope you find that this change makes getting around The Preschool Professor much easier!

The second change to the website is the refreshed focus on help Preschool Programs to reach their potential families better and for families to find Preschool Programs in their area.

I have begun some pretty intense marketing programs to help visitors find a preschool in their area and for preschool programs to receive more exposure of their programs than ever before!

If you are looking to advertise your program and expose your program 450,000 times a day (no, really! I'm not kidding!), read this page for information on how to do this for $9.95 a YEAR (not per month..but per YEAR!).

Advertise Your Preschool Information

If you are looking for a preschool program, you will find them listed here (and the list is growing!):

Find a Preschool Directory Page


Theme Suggestions for March

There are so many great themes for each month! As most of you now know, I have a sister website that is dedicated to free preschool themes.

Here are my suggestions for March:


Nutrition Theme March is National Nutrition Month!

Dr. Seuss Theme Dr. Seuss' birthday and Read Across America Day is Monday, March 2nd. Celebrate the first week of March!

Quilts Theme National Quilting Day is Saturday, March 21!

St. Patrick's Day Theme St. Patrick's Day is Tuesday, March 17!

Spring Theme First Day of Spring is Friday, March 20th!

Doctor Theme National Doctors' Day is Monday, March 30th


Noah's Ark Theme

Grocer Theme

Kite and Wind Theme

Mud Theme

Planting Seeds Theme

Worms Theme

Zoo Theme at Preschool Plan It

Zoo Theme Ideas at The Preschool Professor

divider I am very excited by the changes and additions to the site so far. Now that the pages are all in the same format, I can begin writing new pages, updating information on the site and more!

If you have ANY suggestions or requests for additions to the site such as articles or other information, please CONTACT ME anytime! I'd love to hear from you!

With great enthusiasm and excitement,

Until Next Time,

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