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New Happenings for a New Year!
December 30, 2014

Welcome to the 3rd issue of The Preschool Press from The Preschool Professor!

My hope is that you will find information in each newsletter that is helpful to you- the Early Childhood Educator- as you work with this wonderful group called Preschoolers!

January 2015, Issue # 3

In This Issue:

A Happy New Year of Newness!

New Newsletter Content Plans

YOUR Ideas and Suggestions Wanted!

New or Updated Pages to The Preschool Professor

Suggested Themes for January divider

A Happy New Year of Newness!

Well, that was pretty redundant! ;) But there is newness coming to The Preschool Professor this year and I'm pretty excited about it!

I am so excited to be working on new articles and information to share with you! I have a list of over 35 article ideas I'll be working over the next few months!

There are also some visual changes on the website:

The newest changes:

Ease in Finding Information

I have changed the navigation links around quite a bit. They are those buttons on the left of the website that you click on to go to the area you want to go to.

I've developed a few specific areas that I hope will help you to find what you are looking for easier and faster.

The new sections are:

Preschool Teachers

Preschool Parents


Preschool Classroom

Preschool Lesson Planning

Preschool Curricula

Preschool Graduation

and, eventually, there will be a Preschool Christian Education Section.

Each section will have articles and information related to that section.

Article Updating and New Articles

I have been reformatting the pages, updating the information in the articles and adding new articles.

Coming Changes

A New header/logo picture will be on the website

Even Better Ease in Finding information: The navigation links will eventually be on the top of each page so you can see them and choose from them no matter which page you are on rather than having to scroll down the entire page to find the links! divider

New Newsletter Content

Beginning next month, the newsletter will have the following items in them:

An Early Childhood Education Article focused on a trend or interest in the field

New Articles added to the website

Theme Suggestions for the Upcoming Month (from my theme based website, Preschool Plan It) divider

What Do YOU Want to See Added?

You now know what I "think" you want in the newsletter, but what say you? Please, let me know what would be helpful to you in a monthly newsletter.

As a preschool teacher and director myself, the last thing I want in my email is a newsletter that is not helpful to me. I truly want The Preschool Press to be useful to you, so please take a moment to drop me a line and let me know what would help you in your everyday interactions with your children!

You can also contact me with any suggestions, ideas or questions by CLICKING HERE! divider

New Pages or Updated Pages on The Preschool Professor

Preschool Circle Time Jobs

Preschool Calendar Time

Preschool Classroom Jobs

Preschool Weather Time

Preschool Printables in the Classroom

Professional Development for Preschool Teachers

Teacher Gift Ideas


Theme Suggestions for January

There are so many great themes for each month! As most of you now know, I have a sister website that is dedicated to free preschool themes.

Each month in this newsletter, I will list my suggested themes for the upcoming month. The themes will have links to them to my theme-based site for you to use!

Here are my suggestions for January:

Happy New Year Theme

"Noisy" Theme! to supplement your New Year Theme!

Martin Luther King Jr. Theme Observed Monday, January 19th, 2015

100th Day Theme The date will vary depending on when your program started and how often your group meets...but it is 'a comin'!

Winter Animals Theme

Snow Theme

Hibernation Theme

Ice Theme

Space Theme

Home Theme

Pizza Theme

Creation Theme divider With great enthusiasm and excitement,

Until Next Time,

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