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Preschool Graduatino Ideas, April Theme Suggestions & Training Ideas!
March 25, 2015

Welcome to the 6th issue of The Preschool Press from The Preschool Professor!

April 2015, Issue # 6

In This Issue:

Preschool Graduation...Already?

In-Service Training Hours

Theme Suggestions for April

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Preschool Graduation Is Right Around the Corner!

It is somewhat shocking to me that graduation planning time is here! We still have about 2 feet of snow here and therefore, my brain thinks it is still Winter, not Spring!

But, Spring it is! First, I'd like to share my Dad's favorite Spring poem. He used to call me on the first day of Spring every year until the year he passed to recite this to me!

"Spring has sprung. The grass is griz.

I wonder where the birdie is?

They say the bird is on the wing.

Now, isn't that a funny thing?

I always thought the wing was on the bird!"

Now, let's spring into some graduation planning! As you may know, the website had several Preschool Graduation pages. I have updated and added more information to them.

I am working on a Preschool Diploma resource that should be ready soon. I will shoot you a note when it is complete!

Here are the pages:

Graduation 101! The Main Page!

Graduation Craft Ideas Here you'll find crafts to display, to wear and to use!

Graduation Poems Find poems for you to read to your students as well as for them to read at their Graduation!

Graduation Songs & Music Here are suggestions for music to play during your Graduation Program as well as songs for your children to sing!

Graduation Speech Ideas Yup....your time to speak to the families is coming! Here are some ideas to get you started!

Graduation Gift Ideas Looking for gift ideas for your students? You'll find plenty here as well as ideas for parents to give to their children!

Ideas for Concerts and Plays On this page, you'll find many articles on planning your program as well as suggestions for specific concerts and plays! This page is on my sister site.

In-Service Training Hours

In addition to planning for graduation, many of you may be looking for in-service training hours.

If you haven't already seen them, check out my Math in the Preschool Classroom and Science in the Preschool Classroom workshops.

Each workshop is a 4-hour workshop. You submit the assignments at your own pace. And, they are affordable: Only $10.00 (U.S.) each.

Check them out by CLICKING HERE for the Workshop Page!

I have received many requests for my workshops to be submitted to specific states for approvals (some states do require approval before you can count them toward your annual hours).

With the help of Miss Jessica, Preschool Plan It's AMAZING Virtual Assistant, I am working on this.

Here are some updates for you so far:

Tennessee Both the Math and the Science workshops are approved in Tennessee as of 2/28/15

Pending As of March, I have submitted the workshops to Rhode Island, Minnesota, Louisiana. I will let you know when I hear back from them.

In addition, we are waiting for information from Pennsylvania, Florida, Maine, Nebraska.....and........ Once we receive it, I will submit the workshops to them for review as well.

Miss Jessica is in the process of contacting all states to determine their process for approval of online workshops for in-service training hours.

As I receive notification from the state licensing departments, I will:

1. Update the workshop page

2. Post the information on Facebook

3. Send an email to this mailing list.

To find out if the workshops are already approved in YOUR state, CLICK HERE to check the state list!

Theme Suggestions for April

The following pages can be found on The Preschool Professor's Website:

Easter Theme This page has links to crafts, songs, bulletin board ideas and more.

There are so many great themes for each month! As most of you now know, I have a sister website that is dedicated to free preschool themes.

Palm Sunday Palm Sunday is on March 29, 2015

Easter Theme (General) Easter is April 5th

Easter Theme (Christian)

Library Theme National Library Week is April 12-18!

Earth Day Theme Earth Day is Wed, April 22!

Arbor Day Theme Arbor Day is Friday, April 24!

Hairdresser Theme National Hairdresser Day is April 30!

Tornado Theme Be Prepared! April begins Tornado season and requires tornado drills in tornado prone areas.

Fun Themes for April

Frog Theme

Rain Theme

Rain Forest Theme

Planting Seeds Theme
divider With great enthusiasm and excitement,

Until Next Time,

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